Thursday, July 24, 2008

Abby again!

She is loving Lucas' new carseat, lol!! She can inherit it in a couple years...Even though she just turned 1, she'll be rear-facing until she reaches 35lbs, the highest weight of her convertible seat, as is recommended by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) "it is best for her to ride rear-facing to the highest weight or height allowed by the manufacturer of her car safety seat."

Here are a couple of videos that show why it's so important to keep a child rear-facing as long as possible. The 20lbs and 1yr. guideline is just the bare-minimum required by law...I'd prefer Abby's spine to stay in 1 piece if God-forbid we were in a bad crash. (just click the text)

The importance of Rear-Facing
Child Seat Safety

It's a BIRD, it's a PLANE...


Lucas got a new carseat!!

He finally reached 39lbs and is almost out of the old one, so I ordered him this new one. This is the Radian65 by Sunshine Kids. I like that it's so skinny, I will be able to fit 3 carseats across the back of the minivan, and that he will be super safe up to 65lbs (or 53" tall.) And he likes that he has a new carseat w/ "Spaceship foam!!" (it has EPS side-impact foam) It also has a super-strong steel-alloy frame, which supposedly makes it the strongest carseat in the world!


She's got a thing for her's always hanging out, lol!!

Silly doggy...

This is how Lucy lays on the floor..goofball!

It's Bath time!!!

Abby used to absolutely HATE water and all things bath-related. She would scream and cry the whole time she was wet. She turned a corner a few weeks back and has decided that she LOVES water! Here she is waiting to get in the tub...
And here she is splashing!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The 1st Birthday!!!

Here's the birthday girl chowing down on some potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and mac & cheese!
And here she is ROAR'ing, lol!
Abby smooching her papa John!
And making a mess of her chocolate cake (not such a good idea, huh dad??)
And the crazy boys decided to dress up....they're WEIRD!!!

Abby is a little Fashionista!!

Can she get any cuter??

Let's Play Ball!!

This turned out to be Isaac's last game of the season, it was a sudden-death elimination tournament. Here's Isaac JUST after he hit the ball.
Here he is taking off from 2nd base.

And that's him in the yellow (behind the guy in the red shirt and camo shorts) scoring a run for his team! The final score was 5-8, they lost by 3 runs.


Every 4th of July, some members of our HOA put on an event to remember. It's called the Floatilla! They have a logo printed on t-shirts and glasses..the whole shebang! It's not widely publicized, so you have to know someone that knows someone, but this year we were invited by our neighbors. About 30 pontoon boats tie up together across the lake and everyone has one great big day-long party. There is live music on the beach, grills cooking the most delicious food, and plenty of fun to be had by all! That's Jason and Lucas on the silver floatie...they were headed to shore to find a restroom.

Here's Isaac swimming with his school-buddy. They were little water-bugs the whole day!!
Here you can see all the pontoon boats tied up to our right...there were just as many tied on the left side, we were pretty much in the middle.

Cici's tour!!

We went to Cici's Pizza for a tour...the boys got to see where the pizzas are made, walk in the walk-in cooler (BBRRR!) and try their hand at making pizza!

Isaac decided he was *too cool* for pictures, but Lucas is a ham-bone as always!
And of course there wasn't a bite left when they were done!! MMMmmmm!!!