Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting so big!

Why do they grow up so fast?!?!

What are we allergic to??

This has happened with spinach dip and with potato salad. And it's just her cheeks, she's perfectly fine eating the stuff...but YOU try to keep food off of a 21 month-old's face!

Princess Piggy-Tails

Can she get any cuter?

Marching in March!

We celebrated March with a Marching band! (the girl on the left is one of my daycare girls)

Lucas got his first shiner!

The neighbor boy "accidentally" hit him in the face with his CAST...nice.

Great big brother!

Lucas is giving Abby a wagon ride in our backyard.

Isaac is a monkey!

You would think he'd be scared after his friend broke an arm, but I can't keep him out of the trees!